Why is wave maker used in aquarium?

Why is wave maker used in aquarium


Why is wave maker used in aquarium?

Wavemakers help reduce dead spots in your aquarium, and are frequently used in marine aquariums to provide flow and current to living corals. Water circulation is a vital component of the successful marine aquarium.

What size tank needs a wave maker?

Powerheads/wavemakers for reef tanks should be able to turnover 20 times the tank’s capacity every hour. So a nano wavemaker for a 15-gallon reef tank needs a 300 GPH powerhead to be adequate (20 x 15 = 300).

What is the difference between a powerhead and a wavemaker?

Wavemakers, sometimes called wave pumps or propeller pumps, are used to create ‘waves’ or generate internal flow inside your display aquarium. They will create wide, gentle flow patterns versus the very focused flow of a powerhead.


How does a wavemaker work?

Wavemakers are electrical timing devices that turn multiple submerged powerheads on and off at predetermined intervals. By installing powerheads at different locations in the aquarium, the wavemaker alternates power to these powerheads, mimicking natural ocean currents.

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Is a wavemaker necessary?

The simple answer is no. A wave maker is not necessary. Having an air pump with an air stone or even a simple sponge filter setup will provide surface agitation for proper oxygen transfer. But adding a wave maker can be very beneficial for certain tank/fish setups.

Does a 20 gallon tank need a wave maker?

The Turbelle NanoStreams come in various sizes, so you should aim for a size that turns over your tank’s water volume from 10-50 times an hour. That means if you have a 20 gallon tank, shoot for a wavemaker that is capable of at least 200 gph, but preferably up to 1,000!


Do cichlids need wavemakers?

Since the current you’re looking for is just for the fish to enjoy/make the tank more natural, one wavemaker should be good for that purpose. You don’t want them to consume and convert more food, as that just costs you more money in the long run.

Should wave makers be on at night?

Waves don’t stop at night in nature. Ideally we should try not to need this mode. Gaseous exchange is just as important and it is also feeding time for much of the inhabitants too.

Do freshwater fish like wavemakers?

In general, it is better to stick to natural elements if you want to have healthy fish. In nature, fish are used to swimming against waves and feeling the water moving around them. Putting a wavemaker in the tank will be beneficial for their mood and health.

Do freshwater tanks need circulation pumps?

Water movement plays a key role in maintaining fish health in freshwater and marine aquariums. Good water movement is also essential for aquatic plants, corals and even live rock! There are many benefits to increasing water movement in your aquarium with circulation pumps and wavemakers.

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Can you have too much air in a fish tank?

Since water is denser than air, there cannot be too much oxygen in the tank or the fish will suffocate and die. The proper amount of oxygen should be around four to five parts per million. Some tanks come with an aerator which can aid in regulating the amount of oxygen in the tank.

Do I need a powerhead?

you NEED powerheads and your tank will not succeed without flow. without something to move the water around the corners will quickly fill with detritus and your water quality will suffer. consider that the entire goal of a saltwater tank is to replicate the ocean.


What size wavemaker do I need for a 10 gallon tank?

The general consensus is about 10-20x turnover, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less, that would depend on number of pumps, stock and location. A 1300gph in a 10g tank equivalents to a 130x turnover rate.. Which is way, way too much. I’d say go with two to three 100-240gph powerheads.

How many GPH do I need for a 20 gallon reef tank?

For example in a one hundred and twenty gallon tank, your target goal would be around twenty four hundred to forty eight hundred gallons per hour depending on what type of corals dominate your tank, split between your desired amount of pumps.

Do I need a powerhead in my freshwater tank?

Small tank: You don’t need a powerhead if your tank is under two feet. Probably. Substantial current: You don’t need a powerhead if your external filter provides strong enough outflow to create a substantial current.

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Do African cichlids like strong current?

I know from my experience with African Cichlids, that they really don’t like a lot of current in their tank. I’ve found that if there’s too much current in the tank, they will very rarely venture out from amoungst the rocks to swim in the open areas.

What does a wave maker mean?

wavemaker (plural wavemakers) (physics) An oscillating device that creates reproducible waves in a liquid.

Should I turn my circulation pump off at night?

I suggest leaving it runnung all the time. The night mode of the wavemakers does not stop the pumps. It only makes it less turbulent flow.

Do fish tanks need bubblers?

Just like you and me, fish need to breathe. To do this, fish draw dissolved oxygen out of the water – without it, most breeds of fish will suffocate. Bubblers add oxygen to your aquarium.

How do I circulate the water in my fish tank?

In cases where you have adequate filtration but need a little extra flow in a stagnant corner of the tank, consider adding a simple air stone with an air pump. The bubbles from the air stone move water as they rise and create surface agitation when they pop.

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