Why are there no silver Labs?

Why are there no silver Labs?


Why are there no silver Labs?

Fears Of In-Breeding In The Silver Labrador Gene Pool Due to Silver Labradors having been very rare in the early days of their history, the breeders had no choice but to breed their dogs with very close relatives to attempt producing silver litters. The gene pool was so small, they simply had no choice.

What is the controversy with silver Labs?

Silver is not an acceptable color of Labrador Retriever and is a disqualifying fault. Based on an agreement in 1987 between the American Kennel Club and the LRC, it was agreed that there was no proof that these silver dogs were not purebred and the breeders of the silver dogs subsequently registered them as chocolates.

Why are silver Labs so rare?

As a relatively new color variation silver Labs are rare in some countries. Partly because registration of silver puppies is not widely permitted. Some national kennel clubs and breed clubs have clarified their views on silver Labradors.


What is the rarest Labrador color?

Silver Labrador Silver Labradors are by far the rarest of all colors. These dogs are a light gray to blue color that looks silver in the sunlight. These Labradors are often mistaken for Weimaraner mixes because of their silver coat.

Do silver Labs have Weimaraner in them?

Because of the presence of the recessive gene in the breeding of silver Labs, some purists believe that these silver Labs are not purebred Labradors at all, but are partly Weimaraners.

Are silver Labs AKC approved?

The AKC does still formally recognize Silver Labs. Well, if you subscribe to the diluted gene theory as most dog experts now do, you’ll remember that the Silver Labs are actually Chocolate Labs that possess two recessive color genes. So the silver lab is allowed to be registered as chocolate in the AKC.

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Do silver Labs eyes stay blue?

When born, Silver Lab puppies usually have blue eyes and their eyes will change to a light yellow as they mature at around the age of 8 months to a year old. In rare cases, some Silver Labs retain their blue eyes into adulthood or have light green eyes instead of yellow.

How long do silver Labs live?

The lifespan of a silver lab is between 10 and 14 years on average, in part due to the fact that they have a higher rate of cancer (31% of all deaths) between 11 and 12 years of age than some other, similar breeds. Other than this, they have no more health issues than other Labs.

Are silver Labs good dogs?

The Silver Lab is a color variation of the Chocolate Lab. They have the exact same playful personality of standard Labs and make fantastic family dogs. This breed will love being the center of attention and even first time owners will be delighted with a lovable pooch that is quite easy to train and care for.

Are charcoal and silver Labs the same?

They are still AKC Registered Labrador Retrievers. The Charcoal is a dilution of the black and the silver is a dilution of the chocolate. If you want something new and fun, check out Our rare colors!

Are silver Labs purebred?

Silver Labradors are not only purebred, but they are also unique too. The breeders take this chance and make a silver labrador a money-making breed. Moreover, because of their uniqueness, the elite peoples love to have a silver lab too. That’s why a silver labrador can cost from 1000 to 1500 dollars.

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What color Lab is smartest?

For example, black labs are highly regarded as a working dog, so as a result, are generally thought of as being the most intelligent and quick learners.


How do you get a silver Labrador?

Silver Labrador Retrievers can be bred from two Silver Lab parents, just one, or no silver parents. As long as both parents are carriers of the double recessive dilute gene, their puppies have a chance of being silver.

Are silver Labs intelligent?

Silver Labs are just like any other type of Labrador: loving, intelligent, and energetic! Of course, there is one big difference; they have a striking coat color.

Can a yellow Lab have silver puppies?

Many silver Labradors have been registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC), not as silver (not a color permitted under the Labrador breed standard) but as Chocolate. And many kennel clubs and breeders oppose the silver Labrador Retriever.

What is a Champagne Lab?

Champagne is a pale shade of yellow Labrador. This coat color is produced when a yellow Lab inherits a coat dilution gene from both of its parents. It is unknown if this gene has always been dormant in Labradors, or if the dilute coat is the result of mixed breeding many years ago.

What is the difference between a Weimaraner and a silver lab?

The Weimaraner is larger than the silver lab in both height and weight. Additionally, the coat of the silver lab is much thicker than the coat of the Weimaraner. Finally, the silver lab is a rare type of Labrador Retriever, while the Weimaraner is a unique breed all on its own.

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