Who said NOM NOM nom?

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Who said NOM NOM nom?

Best known for his insatiable appetite for chocolate chip cookies (and more recently, in an effort to satisfy healthy eating advocates, fruits and vegetables), Cookie Monster has a catchphrase that goes along with his snacking: “om nom nom.”

Where did the phrase nom nom nom come from?

(The first in this series focused on the word moist, the worst offender of words when it comes to food or the English language in general.) Nom nom was popularized by Sesame Street’s beloved character, the Cookie Monster, and it’s often used to describe something delicious.

Is nom a word in English?

Interjection. (colloquial) Used to denote eating, or enjoyment of eating. Commonly used as ‘nom nom nom’.


What does ignominious end mean?

1 : humiliating, degrading an ignominious defeat. 2 : deserving of shame or infamy : despicable. 3 : marked with or characterized by disgrace or shame : dishonorable.

What is pr?nom and nom in French?

Pr?nom – this is your first name. If you have middle names you can add that, but it’s not compulsory unless the form specifically asks for all your names. Nom de naissance – this is the family name you were born with.

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Is nom a real word?

It’s an onomatopoeic expression, evoking the sound of food being gobbled up with gusto. As well as its familiar use as an interjection, nom is also seen as an adjective (“this cake is the nommest”), a noun (“let’s have noms!”), and a verb (“Come on over, we’re nomming (on) marshmallows”).


What does the Greek root Phil mean?

The Greek root ‘-Phil-‘ originates from the Greek word meaning ‘love’. For example, Philosophy (along with the Greek root ‘-soph-‘ meaning ‘wisdom’) is the study of human customs and the significance of life.

What does malignity mean?

malice, malevolence, ill will, spite, malignity, spleen, grudge mean the desire to see another experience pain, injury, or distress. malice implies a deep-seated often unexplainable desire to see another suffer.

What does Disconsolated mean?

Definition of disconsolate 1 : cheerless a clutch of disconsolate houses— D. H. Lawrence. 2 : dejected, downcast the team returned disconsolate from three losses.

What is family name at birth?

LAST NAME AT BIRTH: this is the father/ other parent’s last name before marriages, and is generally the last name as shown on the birth certificate.

What is a cool French name?

In France, popular names include Louise, Manon, Jules, and Bastien. Unique French baby names attracting fresh attention in both France and beyond include, for girls, Capucine, Darcy, Delphine, Elodie, Maribel, Oceane, Ottilie, Quincy, Romilly, and Sylvie.

Is OK a valid Scrabble word?

‘OK’ is now OK to play in a game of Scrabble. The two-letter word is one of 300 new additions to the latest version of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, which Merriam-Webster released on Monday. Other words that you can now play in a Scrabble game include macaron, facepalm, emoji, puggle, and ew.

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Is Za a Scrabble word?

ZA is the most played word containing the letter Z (and the only playable two-letter word with the letter Z) in tournament SCRABBLE play. Incidentally, . za is the country code for South Africa (Zuid-Afrika is Dutch for ‘South Africa’), but abbreviations and codes are not acceptable on the SCRABBLE board.

Does philo mean love?

a combining form appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “loving” (philology); on this model, used in the formation of compound words (philoprogenitive).

What is the Latin root for love?

Amor means ‘love’ in Latin — it was the Latin name for the Greek god Cupid — and you can see its direct descendants in the Spanish and Portuguese amor, the French amour, and the Italian amore, of ‘That’s amore’ fame.

What does the Greek word for love?

The ancient Greek word agape is a very general term for love as a universal construct. The modern spelling is agapi.

What does Placatingly mean?

to stop someone from feeling angry: Outraged minority groups will not be placated by promises of future improvements. Synonyms. appease disapproving. assuage formal.

What do derisively mean?

: expressing or causing contemptuous ridicule or scorn : expressing or causing derision derisive laughter Given such follies …, it’s easy to be derisive of Jerry Lewis …— James Wolcott.

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