What's the most expensive bird ever sold?

What is the most expensive bird as a pet?


What’s the most expensive bird ever sold?

You might call him the Mike Trout of racing pigeons. A prized bird from Belgium just sold at auction for $1.4 million. The bird, named ‘Armando,’ is said to be the best long-distance racing pigeon of all time. He’s also the most expensive bird ever sold at auction.

What is the most expensive parrot?

The Hyacinth Macaw is a jet-blue parrot from Central and South America which, according to Singaporean broadsheet Straits Times, costs $40,000 (£27,737).

What is the most expensive bird of prey?

A new world record for the most expensive falcon ever sold has been set at a Saudi auction after a US white Gyrfalcon fetched nearly half a million dollars. The white Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) was sold for SAR 1.75 million (£337,400) at the International Falcon Breeders Auction (IFBA).


How much is a red macaw?

Scarlet macaws are usually sold only at avian specialty pet stores or by breeders. They can cost $2,000 to $4,000. The price range is dependent on the breeder, if it was hand-raised, and its vibrancy.

Why are African Greys so expensive?

Since the birds are becoming rare because of the loss of their natural habitat and poaching, obtaining legal ownership of African Grey Parrots becomes even more difficult, making the purchase cost of these birds go higher.

What is the most beautiful bird in the world?

Also called Rainbow Toucans, Keel-Billed Toucan is one of the most prettiest birds in the world. It has a vibrant suplhur-yellow breast that sometimes gives the illusion of a ‘flying banana’. Keel-billed Toucans is native to Latin American and usually found in the tropical rainforests of Mexico and Colambia.

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Which eagle is most expensive?

9 million in the world. An eagle named Ab Ultra White Gyrfalcon was sold in an auction in Saudi Arabia for USD $ 464,400 (RM1. 9 million).

How expensive is a falcon?

Falcons typically cost between $200 and $2,000 but can cost as much as $10,000. The difference in price depends on the species. Falcons are birds in the Falconidae family. These birds are used by falconers (hunters certified to use birds of prey) to hunt.

Can I buy a falcon?

Note: In the USA, you must be a licensed falconer to purchase a captive bred falcon. Contact your state fish and wildlife department for more information.

How much is a cockatoo?

The average price of a cockatoo is $2,000 to $4,000. Many cockatoos are rare, hence why they’re expensive. The cost of a cockatoo ranges from $80 for a cockatiel to $40,000 for a red-tailed black.

Is macaw legal in India?

“It is perfectly legal. According to the Indian Wildlife Protection Act 1972, we are not supposed to domesticate or breed wild species that are indigenous to India.

What is the cheapest parrot?

The Budgie is the cheapest talking parrot to own worldwide. What is this? These small parrots are the perfect choice for those of us who want a talking parrot but have a limited budget. This little bird is actually capable of a lot of speech and can learn a large number of phrases and songs to speak to you.


How much is a Amazon parrot?

Amazon parrots are $400 to $1,000, depending on the rarity of the Amazon parrot. Some Amazon parrots are much higher due to their rarity, but no matter their prices, all parrots have something to offer. They’re incredible creatures that’ll brighten up a person or family’s life more than they know it.

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How much is a blue lovebird?

Breeder – $25 – $1500 You can expect a lovebird to cost anywhere from $25 to more than $150 from a breeder. In fact, some lovebird species can go for as much as $1500! The more expensive the bird is, the rarer it is or the more trained and ready to interact it is when it gets home with their new family members.

What is a blue lovebird?

The blue peach-faced lovebird is a color mutation of the popular peach-faced lovebird. It is a popular pet bird, thanks partially to its markings and colors, but also to its playful nature. Give the peach-faced lovebird plenty of toys because it is a busy breed that enjoys being active.

Are there purple lovebirds?

The violet color mutation can be found in all Lovebird species and is a dominant gene, meaning that you only need one parent with the violet gene to produce violet offspring. This has led to them being a popular bird for breeding, with many other violet variations available too.

Who is the king of eagle?

Thorondor was referred to as the King of the Eagles, Lord of Eagles and King of Eagles of the Eagles of Manwë.

What is the rarest falcon?

The gray falcon is the rarest species and is listed as a vulnerable species. Other falcon species like the peregrine falcon have been considered endangered but brought back with conservation efforts.

What is the most expensive falcon?

A U.S bred white Gyrfalcon sold for an eye-popping price of 1.75 million Saudi riyals — or around $472,500 (N194. 4M) at the International Falcon Breeders Auction (IFBA) has set a new world record for the most expensive falcon ever.

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How much is a falcon in Dubai?

The price of a falcon in the UAE ranges from Dh4,000 to Dh5,000 for a peregrine and up to Dh100,000 for a top-quality gyrfalcon.

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