What triggers HYPP in horses?

What triggers HYPP in horses?


What triggers HYPP in horses?

HYPP results from a mutation in the muscle’s sodium channel. The channel becomes leaky, which causes the muscle to be more sensitive. As a result the muscles contract involuntarily with blood potassium changes. This can occur with stress or fasting followed by eating high potassium feed like alfalfa.

Can you ride a horse with HYPP?

Should an HYPP-positive horse be ridden? According to Dr. Spier’s studies, the chance of a paralysis episode occurring while the horse is being ridden is unlikely. However, muscle spasms are unpredictable and can occur with only slight symptoms.

Is there a cure for HYPP?

HYPP is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Treatment of HYPP attacks by intravenous application of calcium gluconate, bicarbonate and glucose results in rapid recovery.


How do you manage HYPP in horses?

Management tips: HYPP horse should be maintained on a low-potassium diet and should be turned out as much as possible. If turn out is limited then they should be put on a program of regular light exercise. Regular exercise helps prevent attacks.

What does HYPP look like?

The most-common symptoms of HYPP include muscle tremors, weakness, muscle cramping, yawning, depression, an inability to relax the muscles, sweating, prolapse of the third eyelid, noisy breathing and/or abnormal sounds or whinnies.

What do you feed a horse with HYPP?

Bermuda grass, prairie grass, and timothy are suitable forage choices for horses diagnosed with HYPP. Soaking hay might leach some of the potassium from hay and constitutes an added layer of safety.


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How do I know if my horse has HYPP?

A DNA test is performed to verify that a horse has HYPP. Hair samples (with the roots attached) can be submitted to the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory.

Do all Impressive horses have HYPP?

Not all horses of that line had HYPP, but all horses with HYPP were descended from Impressive himself. In 1994, a genetic test that utilized DNA from hair or blood, was perfected, this determined whether a horse had HYPP or not.

Why did Impressive have HYPP?

Impressive was born in 1969, and in short order he passed the dominant HYPP gene on to thousands within his breed, a domino effect of disease rushed along by artificial insemination. The disease stands out because its spread was hastened and, in effect, promoted by breeders.

What is the difference between PSSM and HYPP in horses?

Type 1 PSSM is a common cause for tie-up signs in Quarter Horses, Paints, Appaloosas, and warmbloods. PSSM can often be managed with diet and exercise changes but there is no cure or medication used to treat it. HYPP is an inherited muscle disease causing an abnormality in how muscle cells manage electrolytes.

What causes high potassium in horses?

At a greater risk of hyperkalemia are horses with a history of hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP), compromised kidney function, or massive cellular destruction, such as after trauma, burns, or a severe episode of tying-up.

Why are halter horses so muscular?

Besides genetics, halter horses are fed diets designed for muscle mass growth. They typically feed a commercial feed with a high protein percentage combined with alfalfa hay and a hefty supply of muscle-building nutrients.

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What can you not feed a horse with HYPP?

Concentrates. Most commercially prepared sweet and pelleted feeds are a no-no for HYPP-positive horses because they contain molasses. According to Nutrient Requirements of Horses, molasses often possesses as much as 6% potassium.

What horse feeds are high in potassium?

Hay Selection: Hay makes up the majority of the diet so typically contributes the most potassium.

Can a horse with Shivers be ridden?

Treatment and prognosis There is currently no known effective treatment, although additional dietary vitamin E and selenium is often added following diagnosis. In the early stages of disease, horses with shivers are commonly used as riding and driving animals. However, the disease is often slowly progressive.

Is Impressive still alive?

Impressive (April 15, 1969 – March 20, 1995) was born an Appendix American Quarter Horse, who earned his full AQHA registration in 1971. He was the 1974 World Champion Open Aged halter stallion, the first such World Champion in his breed, despite carrying only 48 halter points in total.

What are the symptoms of PSSM in horses?

PSSM is a disorder that causes muscle cramping in horses from abnormal glycogen (sugar) storage in the muscles. Sore muscles, muscle weakness and cramping are all signs of PSSM. Type 1 PSSM is caused by a mutation in the GYS1 gene.

What happens if a horse has too much potassium?

The staff at Kentucky Equine Research indicates that clinical signs noted with a high potassium level include muscle weakness, trembling, depression, lethargy and a change in the heart rhythm, specifically a very slow heart rate.

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How do HYPP horses gain weight?

In order to achieve weight gain, her daily intake will need to increase. Starting with forage, you may want to search for higher quality grass hay that will provide more calories and nutrients per pound. Timothy or bermudagrass hay might fit the bill. Avoid bromegrass and legumes such as alfalfa.

How much potassium should a horse have daily?

The recommended potassium intake for maintenance in adult horses is 0.05 g/kg body weight. Most roughages contain >1% potassium, and a ration containing ≥50% roughage provides more than sufficient potassium for maintenance animals.

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