What is the rarest python?

What is the rarest type of python?


What is the rarest python?

The Oenpelli python, (Python oenpelliensis) described by some as the rarest python in the world, has been added to the Australian Reptile Park’s snake collection as part of a captive breeding program.

What is the cheapest morph of ball python?

Prices vary, but the cheapest morph overall is generally Yellow Belly. Yellow Belly Ball Pythons are now one of the most widespread morphs of all. You can find them for as little as $45 in the USA and $30 in Europe. Pastel comes in at a close second, usually costing $50 – 100.

Are pink ball pythons real?

Dreamsicle Ball Python Morph The Dreamicle can take four generations of breeding. They combine an Albino-Lavender and Piebald, and they are white or pink with orange clouds on their body. Expect to pay more than $2,500 for this rare morph.


What’s the most expensive ball python morph?

The most expensive ball python ever was sold by the breeder, Peter Kahl, when he sold it to Chad Brown for a cool $125,000. The ball python was a new morph known as an “ivory” and was a combination of two yellowbelly morphs. The resulting snake was totally white with black eyes.

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How much is a ghost ball python worth?

That being said, most Ghost Ball Pythons range between $200 and $300 online. Although these snakes are not super expensive, it can be difficult to buy one because there are many waitlists for this snake morph.

What is a Rainbow ball python?

A beautiful reticulated python at The Reptile Zoo, in Fountain Valley, California, has gone viral on social media for her beautiful scales that shine like a rainbow in the sunlight.


What is a queen bee ball python?

The Baby Queenbee Ball Python is a three gene combo of Pastel, Spider and Lesser Balls. Our Queenbee Ball Pythons for sale are a great way to make multi-gene combo Ball Pythons.

What is a lavender ball python?

Lavender pythons (Python regius) are a form of albino ball python, but with lavender base color rather than white. Albinism is caused by the body’s inability to produce melanin, the pigment in skin that protects it from UV rays.

What is a super fire ball python?

Fire Ball Python Description The Super form of the Fire is a Black Eyed Leucistic. This is similar in appearance to the Blue Eyed Leucistic, which is produced when you breed two Butter Ball Pythons (and some other morphs) together. The main difference is that this snake has Black Eyes instead of Blue.

Is there a super banana ball python?

A Banana Ball Python will contain the genetic mutation in one of the alleles in their DNA sequence while a Super Banana will contain the genetic mutation in both of the alleles. The appearance of these two snakes is visibly different, which distinguishes the co-dominant mutation from a dominant mutation.

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Are Blue pythons real?

Solid blue pythons are extremely rare, and they are referred to as “High-blue.” This species of python can be found in the islands of Indonesia, New Guinea and in Australia. It’s also a popular pet among snake lovers and it is not endangered, don’t worry!

What is clown ball python?

Clown ball pythons have little or no lateral dark pattern. Instead of saddles they have splotchy darker patches. Their sides have a golden hue, and they have a pronounced blotchy, wide dorsal stripe. There is no mistaking a Clown for a normal ball python – or for any other morph!


How much is a stormtrooper ball python?

While you can’t buy a Stormtrooper ball python, you CAN purchase an axanthic. If you decide to get one of these faded-looking morphs, you can expect to pay around $400. When it comes to the fancier designer morphs, axanthics can fetch up to $2,000.

How much is a sunset ball python?

You should expect to pay at least $4,000 for your Sunset Ball Python, and some might be much more expensive depending on how long the waiting list is.

How much is a cinnamon ball python?

This morph is commonly available and easy to produce, resulting in a modest price tag. You could expect to pay anywhere from $50 for a standard Cinnamon Ball Python.

What is a bamboo ball python?

The bamboo ball python is somewhat less common than other morphs like the albino, spider, and cinnamon. Bamboos are named for their beautiful, pale brown coloration. While not nearly as striking as other, high contrast morphs, many keepers appreciate this subdued, chic look.

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How much does a blue eyed Leucistic ball python cost?

Due to their rarity the BEL ball python is one of the more expensive morphs. A blue eyed leucistic ball python costs between $400 and $1,000 depending on its color and size. You should plan to spend around $700 for a well-bred, healthy specimen with a clean white color.

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