What is Teke?

Do Argentine tegus make good pets?


What is Teke?

teke (genitive tekke, partitive teket) creation, origin, birth.

What does Teke mean in New Zealand?

And finally he puts the proverbial nail in the coffin by telling his friend that ‘teke’ means car, when it actually means vagina. We hope his mate doesn’t go trying these phrases around other Māori, check it out down below: Discover More Stories.

Where is Teke?

Teke Peninsula (Turkish: Teke Yarımadası), also known as Teke Region (Turkish: Teke Y?resi), is a peninsula located in southwestern Turkey between the gulfs of Antalya and Fethiye extending into the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered to the Turkish Lakes Region in the north.


What language do the Teke people speak?

The Teke people or Bateke, also known as the Tyo or Tio, are a Bantu Central African ethnic group that speak the Teke languages and that mainly inhabit the south, north, and center of the Republic of the Congo, the west of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with a minority in the south-east of Gabon.

How do you insult in Māori?

Tō tero! Tō raho! Tō tara/teke! Arsehole! Hei mitimiti māu! For you to lick! Hei pōtae mō tō ihu! As a hat for your nose! Taurekareka! Slave. Scoundrel. E mero! Taurekareka! E mero! Whiti te rā! Tō hamuti! Tō roke hoki! Tou parahua! Kai a te kurī! Dog’s food! Kai a te ahi! Pokokōhua! Pōkōtiwha! Tō upoko!

Why do Kiwis say Chur?

The meaning of chur is essentially thank you. You can use this classic Kiwi slang to show gratitude or appreciation. As explained above, it can also mean “sweet as” or “that’s awesome”. As in: “I’ll help you change your flat tyre.” “Chur, bro.”


What do Kiwis call thongs?

‘Gumboots’ And ‘Jandals’ Both are colloquial, loveable Kiwi icons. The Gumboot is not some type of gummy candy, it’s simply your wellies or Wellington Boots to use the proper term. A Jandal is your equivalent of a flip-flop or thong (ask the Aussie’s for their answer on thongs!).

Where does the Teke Teke live?

The Teke live on the banks of the Congo River. They are best known for their fetishes, called butti, which serve in the cult of a wide range of supernatural forces sent by the ancestors, who are not worshiped directly.

What does the Teke mask symbolize?

represent their Yohure masks Teke masks are worn represent the spirits by a secret society that restore society called the Kiduma’. after a death. They The Kiduma take are considered very || charge of social and powerful and spiritual rituals.

Who made the Teke mask?

This mask was created by the Tsaayi, a group of the Teke sub-tribe; the only group to make and have used wooden masks in their ceremonies. Their masquerade ceremony is called kidumu, and the dance was originally to serve and maintain social and political harmony in a ceremonial context.

What tribe uses the kwele mask?

The Kwele are among the Bantu-speaking peoples who live in western equatorial Africa’s rain forest. During the precolonial era, inhabitants of the region adhered to a highly diffuse notion of territoriality.

How do you spell Teke?

Meanings for Teke It refers to a Bantu Central African ethnic group of people. Learn more about the word “Teke” , its origin, alternative forms, and usage from Wiktionary.


How do you say the F word in Māori?

(verb) (-tia) to curse, cuss. (interjection) very strong curse, an insulting swear word, an expression of anger or a curse expressing a lack of desire to do something. (noun) strong term expressing contempt for someone.

What is a makutu?

Definition of makutu New Zealand : a magic spell : curse, sorcery.

How do you say beautiful in NZ?

Ataahua. Another girl’s name that literally means ‘beautiful’ in Māori. Pronounce it as ah-taah-hoo-a.

What do New Zealanders call a toilet?

New Zealand and Australia share many words. Dunny, a colloquial word for a toilet, is one of them. The public toilets in Ōtorohanga are graced with various words meaning toilet, including dunny, and the Māori term wharepaku.

What do Kiwis call Bogans?

The dictionary described bogan as being an Australian and New Zealand informal word, meaning: “A boringly conventional or old-fashioned person,” or “an uncouth or uncultured person”.

Why do NZ say ta?

‘ Ta: Thank you shortened. Yeah…nah: Technically means no, but can also mean maybe. Go figure!

How do you say sorry in NZ?

There is no direct equivalent of “I’m sorry” in te reo – the phrase “noku te he” is rather an expression of ownership of the wrong, rather than regret for its commission.

How do you say hello in NZ slang?

Kia Ora – A friendly and traditional Maori greeting for Hello and Thank you. Not really slang, but used all the time. 4. Aye / Eh – Aye is probably one of the most frequently used words in the Kiwi dictionary.

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