What is a Sproodle?

What is a Sproodle?


What is a Sproodle?

The Sproodle, also known as a Springerdoodle, is a cross between the English Springer Spaniel and the Poodle. Poodle crossbreeds are meant to produce a dog with mixed traits and the Poodle’s signature non-shedding coat.

Is a Sproodle the same as a Cockapoo?

Sproodles and Cockapoos are similar in size. Since the Springer Spaniel is a little larger than a Cocker Spaniel, it can be bred with a smallish Standard or Miniature Poodle. Much like the parent Poodle, both dogs come in Standard and Miniature. The Cockapoo also comes in Toy, and what is called Teacup.

How big will a Sproodle get?

Standard sproodles can weigh anywhere from 30 to 60 pounds and stand up to 24 inches in height. Mini springerdoodles weigh between 5 and 25 pounds, and are 10 to 15 inches tall. They will typically reach their full grown weight and height by 18 months of age.


Do Sproodles get on with other dogs?

Like all dogs they are not suited to being left alone for long periods, and they are not suited to outdoor living quarters. These dogs love a sofa and a snuggle! They will live in harmony with other animals, cats, rabbits and small mammals and they adore children. Sproodles generally love swimming and all things wet!

Why you shouldn’t get a springer spaniel?

Since they were bred as a hunting dog they have quite a lot of energy. They were meant to be able to run all day going back and forth between the field and the hunter. These dogs are not ideal for homes that are relatively sedentary and can’t provide adequate space, exercise, and playtime.

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Are Spoodles aggressive?

Are Spoodles aggressive at all? Spoodles have low aggression levels, despite their high energy levels. They get along very well with everyone from children to older adults and other pets, including cats.


Do Sproodles make good pets?

Yes, ours are very good natured, they’ll happily put up with the kids cuddling them (and trying to teach them to dab!) For us, they are the perfect dogs (they are our first dogs). They do need lots of exercise, they are intelligent and get bored if they don’t get enough. There is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog.

Do Springerdoodles bark a lot?

They have double-layered, thick coats which can be medium to long in length and common colors may include black, brown, white, cream and combinations of these. Springerdoodle dog breeds don’t bark a lot and love swimming. They are also skilled in obedience and agility.

How much is a Springerdoodle?

A Springerdoodle puppy will most likely cost between $800 – $1,500 but can run as high as $1,800. Especially because Springerdoodles are a hybrid or mixed-breed, you will want to choose your breeder carefully.

Are Sprollies good pets?

Sprollie Temperament The Sprollie is a bright and loving pet that can have a personality which varies among individuals. These dogs can be obedient and sweet, as well as crazy and destructive. When a Sprollie is well socialized around children at a young age and while they grow up, they can be great family pets.

How much should I feed my puppy Sproodle?

To keep your Springerdoodle at a healthy weight and give him the nutrients that his body needs to thrive, you should select a high quality dog food. If you choose to feed your pet a dry kibble, a good place to start is anywhere from 1½ to 2½ cups every day, but split these up into multiple servings.

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How long do springer spaniels live?

English Springer Spaniel


What kind of dog is a Toodle?

The affectionate Ttoodle is a designer dog breed created by combining a Poodle and a Tibetan Terrier. Most commonly bred from standard Poodles, they stand an average of 15 to 18 inches and weigh in at 30 to 50 pounds.

What do you call a springer spaniel crossed with a Poodle?

The Springerdoodle is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the English Springer Spaniel and the Poodle.

Should I get a cocker or Springer Spaniel?

Both kinds of spaniel are typically happy, affectionate and trustworthy and make great family pets. Of the two, cockers are roughly twice as popular as pets, whilst springers hold the top spot for the most popular as a working dog.

Are Springer Spaniels good house dogs?

They are great family dogs and do well both with children and other dogs—though they may not do as well with cats. English Springers enjoy lots of human contact and tend to get bored (and can sometimes be destructive) if left alone for extended periods.

At what age do Springer Spaniels calm down?

In general, Springer Spaniels grow out of their puppy-like hyperactivity between the ages of 2 and 3, but they’ll still say active and energetic well into their adult years.

Can Spoodles be left alone?

The Spoodle is a very sociable breed and is best not left alone for long periods of time. They are also happy to live in small or large homes, as long as they have a chance to access a decent garden or park every day. Furthermore, they can have a tendency to bark (but not attack), making them good guard dogs.

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Do Spoodles bark alot?

They have a high tendency to bark and love alerting you to every noise or movement they see. Spoodles don’t often shed but their coats take a lot of care.

Is a Spoodle a good family dog?

The spoodle is a lively and affectionate family dog. They are very sociable and often have outgoing personalities. They can adapt to living in a small home or apartment as long as they receive adequate daily exercise. Spoodles can be good guard dogs as they may bark when visitors arrive, however are not aggressive.

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