What do you call a schnauzer lab mix?

What do you call a schnauzer lab mix?


What do you call a schnauzer lab mix?

I gave a chic breed name when I got tired of saying Giant Schnauzer/Black Lab mix, so I called him a Labradauzer. If I could find another Dudley I would adopt in a heartbeat. Out of the 8 dogs I have had or currently have he was the perfect dog.

Is schnauzer mix hypoallergenic?

Breeds: Schnauzer and Dachshund This medium-sized dog usually weighs between 15 and 30 pounds with the distinctive Dachshund body, although the Miniature Schnoxie’s legs may be a bit longer. Given their often wiry, low shedding coats, this mix may be a hypoallergenic option for dog lovers with allergies!

Is a schnauzer mix a good dog?

Schnauzers make great watchdogs and like to keep busy. These pups are super alert and incredibly intelligent. They can be strong-willed at times, so they need plenty of consistent training sessions. These pups love to play and run around, so they’ll need a lot of exercise on a regular basis.


What is a Schneagle?

The Schneagle is a hybrid dog that comes from the Miniature Schnauzer and the Beagle. A rather small, and sometimes hypoallergenic dog, this adaptable crossbreed is a great pet for those in apartments and homes with backyards.

How big will a Schnauzer lab mix get?

Schnauzer Lab Mix Appearance Or they could look like an even mix of both. It is just a coin toss. Generally, though, this dog will weigh between 35 – 70 pounds. They can stand anywhere between 17 – 23 inches at the shoulder.

How long do Schnauzer mixes live?

Just 12 to 14 inches tall, miniature Schnauzers are sturdy, muscular dogs that typically live 12 to 14 years. Because the breed tends to live long and love kids, it’s a great pick for family pets. These dogs can be prone to pancreatitis caused by high levels of fat in their blood, so they may need a special diet.

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Will a schnauzer mix shed?

The Schnauzer has a double-layer coat consisting of a wiry, weather-resistant outercoat and a softer, finer insulating under-coat. This coat won’t typically shed much, but does need frequent hand-stripping, brushing and grooming to retain its protective properties.

Which schnauzer is the best?

While the two schnauzer breeds make good watchdogs, Standard Schnauzers have higher energy and a strong-willed and high-spirited nature. Nonetheless, if one is looking for a smaller four-legged companion, the Miniature Schnauzer will be a better pick.

Do Schnauzers shed?

Miniature Schnauzers don’t tend to shed, making them an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies. Their short coat is also relatively low maintenance but certain areas, such as their signature “beard”, may need a little more attention to prevent knotting and matts.

What is a Schnocker?

The Schnocker is a hybrid mix of the Miniature Schnauzer and the Cocker Spaniel.

What is a Chonzer?

The Chonzer is a hybrid which results from breeding a Bichon Frise with a Miniature Schnauzer. As such, it can inherit appearance, personality and temperament traits of either or both breed parents.

Is a Schneagle hypoallergenic?

He is a rather small dog, generally not weighing more than twenty-five pounds at maturity. He has moderate grooming needs, usually depending on the type of coat he inherits. He may also be hypoallergenic depending on the genetics he inherits from the dominant parent breed. He is generally loyal and loving.


What is a good breed to mix with a Schnauzer?

Schnau-Tzu (Mini Schnauzer x Shih-Tzu). Eskimo Schnauzer (American Eskimo x Mini Schnauzer Mix). Mauzer (Mini Schnauzer x Maltese). Schneagle (Beagle x Miniature Scnauzer Mix). Snorkie (Mini Schnauzer x Yorkshire Terrier). Border Schnollie (Border Collie x Schnauzer Mix). Bowzer (Schnauzer x Basset Hound).

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What two breeds make a Schnauzer?

The standard schnauzer is the midsize schnauzer. He’s the original schnauzer. According to the American Kennel Club, or AKC, the schnauzer is the result of blending German poodle, “wolfspitz” (now keeshond) and wirehaired pinscher stock.

Are Schnoodles smart?

Schnoodles can make excellent guard dogs. They are protective of their families and will defend them with their lives. Schnoodles are very intelligent and need to be mentally and physically stimulated. If they’re not, they can become destructive and hard to handle.

Are Schnoodles easy to train?

Pro: Easily Trained and Friendly Schnoodles take after poodles in that they are easily trained, according to GreatDogSite.com. Schnoodles are considered very intelligent dogs and take to training well when trained early. A schnoodle is very family oriented and enjoys being around humans for companionship.

Is a schnauzer high maintenance?

A Miniature Schnauzer is intelligent, mischievous, and often stubborn. He’s full of life. He’s low-shedding, but high-maintenance in terms of grooming. He needs to be clipped every five to eight weeks or so.

Do Schnauzers need to be groomed?

Do they require a lot of grooming? The Miniature Schnauzer is not a “wash and wear” dog. They do require regular grooming every 4-6 weeks. This breed does require frequent brushing and combing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, as well as clipping or hand stripping.

Why do people love mini schnauzers?

This breed is devoted and loyal. They love everyone in the family and are known to be very protective of their pack. This dog can be a little suspicious of strangers until you let them know they can be trusted. This makes Miniature Schnauzers excellent watchdogs.

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What kind of dog is on the FBI International?

The kind of dog seen in FBI International is a giant schnauzer, although the show strictly refers to the lead dog character Tank as a Schutzhund. A Schutzhund is the German word for a guard dog and literally translates to “protection dog.”

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