What breed of cat looks like a werewolf?

Is my cat Balinese or Siamese?


What breed of cat looks like a werewolf?

Meet the Lykoi cat, a breed that resembles a werewolf. According to LykoiKitten.com, “The Lykoi Cat is a natural mutation from a domestic shorthair that has the appearance of a werewolf.

How much does a Lykoi cat cost?

The quirky little cats also come at a steep price. There is a waitlist for Lykoi kittens — and they cost between $1,500 and $2,500 for different breeds.

Are Lykoi cats friendly?

The behavior of the Lykoi is slightly different than other cats. Like other cats, they enjoy having people around, they love to be petted, and they love play interaction with people. They are not always a lap cat.


Are Lykoi cats healthy?

Thankfully, the Lykoi has not shown any specific health problems; however the scientists studying the Lykoi warn that it is too early to tell. Normally a breed will not display health problems until the cat is at least 6-7 years old.

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What is special about the Lykoi or werewolf cat?

A unique characteristic of the cat breed is that the Lykoi sheds a lot when older, but regrows its hair later in life depending on the season. The missing coat of the Lykoi’s face gives the breed a werewolf-like appearance.

Are Lykoi hypoallergenic?

Lykoi are not hypoallergenic. 7. They do shed (quite a bit), and can even go bald from time to time.


What does a Lykoi cat look like?

Lykoi cats are partially hairless on their legs and paws as well, giving them a ‘hairy hand’ appearance (the telltale sign that a person is about to shift into a werewolf), said Johnny Gobble, a veterinarian and Lykoi breeder in Tennessee. ‘They do act like dogs in many [ways], though they are still cats,’ Gobble said.

How big is a Lykoi cat?

Physical characteristics of the Lykoi They are domestic cats of average size, since they weigh between 3.5 and 7 kg, and the males are larger than the females. The shape of the head is a bit triangular, their eyes are large and yellow (and intensifies when they grow), and their nose is always black.

What is a Dobby cat?

Oriental Shorthair is also known as Dobby cat due to their gigantic pointed ears. They are the most intelligent and talkative cat breeds with no allergies. They love their owners and want to live with other pets, family, or children.

What is cat werewolf syndrome?

His extreme furriness is the result of a rare hormonal condition never-before seen in cats called hypertrichosis, also known as ‘werewolf syndrome.’ Hypertrichosis causes fast and continual hair growth and thickening of the claws, but that’s not stopping Atchoum from world domination.

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Why does my kitten look like a wolf?

Image credits: steptacular. A wolf-cat (or a werewolf cat) suffers from a rare genetic mutation that causes them to sometimes shed most of their hair, up to the point where they almost look like a werewolf. The cats are also sometimes called Lykoi, which means ‘wolves’ in Greek.

Do werewolf cats make good pets?

They are found of company and bond well with their owns, although they may be wary of new people and pets until they get to know them. These affectionate kitties make for loving companions. Lykoi are a medium sized cat, with lean but muscular bodies and slender limbs.


What is a werewolf kitten?

Lykoi cats, a.k.a. werewolf cats, are the product of natural mutation, which occurred in domestic cats with short fur. These kitties tend to turn heads and catch the attention of everyone in their room similar to the famous Sphynx cat.

What is the most beautiful cat in the world?

The beautiful Cornish Rex cat is considered the prettiest cat in the world by many. The Cornish Rex is considered the prettiest cat in the world by many, but also one of the least attractive cats in the world by others. This breed does not have hair like other domesticated cats.

How much do Bambino cats cost?

The Bambino is a controversial experimental new cat breed that is a cross between a hairless Sphynx and the short-legged Munchkin. The price for a Bambino cat ranges from $1800 to $3000.

How much does a dobby cat cost?

Breeder. The price will depend on the age and quality of the cat, but typically, an Oriental Shorthair costs between $600 and $3,000. Kittens will generally cost more than adults.

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What is an Oriental genius cat?

The Oriental Shorthair is thought to be one of the most intelligent cat breeds out there, if not the most intelligent one. These cats are highly trainable because they are highly curious and love the interaction and stimulation.

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