Is it legal to keep reptiles as pets?

Is it legal to keep reptiles as pets?


Is it legal to keep reptiles as pets?

The simple answer to your query is that most wildlife species in India are covered under one of the Schedules of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, and keeping them in captivity without a permit from the Chief Wildlife Warden can invite a fine or imprisonment or both.

Is CB reptile legit?

Overview. CB Reptile has a consumer rating of 3.04 stars from 63 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. CB Reptile ranks 47th among Pets sites.

Do pet reptiles love their owners?

When it comes to interactions with humans, some reptiles do seem to enjoy their company. A tortoise that enjoys being petted might stick its neck out or close it eyes and become still and calm during the interaction. The same is true of lizards. “Some reptiles do appear to enjoy human contact,” adds Dr.


Are Komodo dragons legal pets?

Since Komodo Dragons are an endangered species, it’s currently illegal to own one. However, even if it was legal to own a Komodo Dragon, there are plenty of reasons that you should be wary of doing so.

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Is having a pet snake cruel?

Snakes won’t be receptive to your affection—they’re wary animals who don’t like being held, touched, petted, or passed around. It’s stressful for them and puts them at risk of illness and injury, and because they don’t whine or yelp, you may not realize that they’re hurt.

What reptile does not need a heat lamp?

Snakes are actually the easiest reptile pet to care for. They do not need and should not be fed live food and only need a frozen thawed mouse about weekly (will vary with age and size of snake). Snakes do not require supplemental light and many will not need extra heating (see requirements for your species).


Is breeding reptiles ethical?

Reptile breeding with little education and inadequate resources ends up doing more harm to the reptile community than it could do good for relieving one snake or lizard’s sex drive. Irresponsible reptile breeding worsens existing genetic disorders and market oversaturation.

How do you become a successful reptile breeder?

While no formal education is required, most successful reptile breeders are well versed in all aspects of reptile care and husbandry. Additional education and experience are also helpful: Degrees: Many reptile breeders hold a degree in a field such as animal science, animal reproduction, or biology.

Is tortoise town a legit site?

Overview. Tortoisetown has a consumer rating of 2.74 stars from 46 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

Where is Tortoisetown?

Thru captive breeding, tortoise town has hatched thousands of baby tortoises, bred and hatched in our facility, here in New Jersey. Our reptiles for sale are shipped nationwide, year-round.

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What is the smartest reptile?

The result was that the Emerald Anole performed with the higher-level cognitive intelligence usually reserved for birds and mammals. And coming in at the most intelligent reptile on the earth is the Monitor Lizard. Monitor Lizards can grow to be over a metre long and weigh more than 10kg.

What is the biggest lizard?

The Komodo dragon is the largest living lizard in the world. These wild dragons typically weigh about 154 pounds (70 kilograms), but the largest verified specimen reached a length of 10.3 feet (3.13 meters) and weighed 366 pounds (166 kilograms). Males tend to grow larger and bulkier than females.


Are Komodo dragons bulletproof?

Here we goWithout doubt, one of the coolest living animals on the planet is the Komodo dragon Varanus komodoensis, a giant flesh-eating lizard that kills water buffalo, eats children, has venom glands, and is impervious to bullets (ok, I made that last bit up).

Can snakes feel love?

Can you bond with a snake? Some snake owners feel as though their snake recognises them and is more eager to be held by them than by other people. However, snakes don’t have the intellectual capacity to feel emotions such as affection.

Do snakes love their owners?

Snakes and other reptiles are generally not affectionate to humans. They may become more tolerant of their owner, but they remain mysterious and hard to read when it comes to emotions.

Are bearded dragons kid friendly?

Bearded dragons make excellent pets for kids. They are generally docile and gentle creatures. Kids will be able to learn how to handle them and develop a strong bond over time. Caring for them is easy, but they need regular meals, attention, and maintenance.

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How can I keep my lizard warm at night?

White bulbs can’t be used 24 hours a day, though (your reptile needs some time in the dark too), so a dim colored bulb can be used at night. Nighttime bulbs made specifically for reptiles are a good choice. This type of heat is a nice choice since it provides a baking spot for your pet.

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