How much does an Oura Ring cost?

How much does an Oura Ring cost?


How much does an Oura Ring cost?

The Oura Ring costs $300 by default, or $400 for its “stealth” and gold colorways. Unlike the previous Oura Ring, this third-generation model requires a subscription of $6 per month.

Is Oura worth the money?

Compared to other devices, the ring is pretty simple to wear, especially at night. Most people don’t want to sleep with a watch on, making the Oura Ring an ideal option for sleep monitoring. Overall, considering all its features and comparing it to other products, the Oura Ring is a good value for the price.

What does Oura measure?

What sets the Oura Ring apart from other sleep trackers is its ability to measure your heart rate, HRV, and skin temperature while you sleep.


What does the Oura smart ring do?

The device is a smart ring that uses sensors to track a variety of health metrics, which are available to view on the company’s Oura app. Unlike other fitness trackers that simply display your data, Oura generates daily scores for sleep, activity, and readiness to provide a quick glimpse into your health habits.

Which is better Apple watch or Oura Ring?

There’s no question that Oura takes the cake when it comes to sleep tracking as it gives you more detailed insights into the quality of your sleep, so it’s hands down the best investment to help you get better at it. The Readiness metric is also something I look forward to every single day.

Can you use Oura without subscription?

Without a membership, the Oura Ring Gen3 can be used only with limited functionality. You’ll be to see your three daily Oura scores, ring battery, basic profile information, app settings, Apple Health and Google Fit integrations, and the Explore Tab.

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Can you shower with Oura Ring?

Since the Oura Ring was designed so well, it can go in the shower and get wet. The shower is not the only place the Oura Ring can survive, though. This versatile health gadget can survive in water up to 330 feet deep. It also has a good handle on different temperature types too.

Does Oura measure oxygen?

The Oura Ring measures peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) levels in your blood by sending light from the ring’s red and infrared LEDS into your finger while you sleep, and then measuring how much light is reflected.

Does Oura Ring measure blood pressure?

Similar to how the Samsung Galaxy Watch (outside the US) blood pressure measurements are performed, you start with calibration of the Circul Plus with a blood pressure cuff and then use the ring to measure blood pressure. Calibration is recommended with a blood pressure cuff once a month.

Does Oura count your steps?

By using a 3D accelerometer, the Oura Ring is able to measure the movement of your hand to estimate whole-body activity (physical activity) and leg movement (step count). Your Activity Score ranges from 0-100. Scoring anywhere from 85-100 means you’ve achieved an optimal balance between activity and rest.

Can Oura Ring detect heart problems?

Heart Conditions If you have a heart condition or other health issue that causes continuous or regular arrhythmia—or you’re on medication that affects your cardiovascular system, the Oura App may not be able to show your full resting heart rate and HRV data.

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Can Oura Ring detect sleep apnea?

The ring will also be equipped with a pulse oximeter to track blood oxygen levels, though that feature won’t be turned on until sometime next year. Rai says that certain blood oxygen levels may be a sign of sleep apnea. Professional athletes also use blood oxygen tracking to understand their readiness to train.


Does Oura Ring measure heart rate?

Oura takes measurements of your daytime heart rate every 5 minutes using the green LEDs tucked away in your Gen3 ring. To preserve battery and maximize accuracy, a heart rate measurement will only be taken if Oura detects optimal conditions—including low movement and balanced body temperature.

Is Oura Ring sold in stores?

The Gucci x Oura Ring, a collaboration between luxury fashion brand Gucci and Oura, is exclusively available on and in select Gucci retail stores globally.

What is better whoop or Oura?

Final verdict: If you are concerned with religiously tracking your daily workout and recovery but not so much with sleep, Whoop is the better option here. If you are looking to monitor your sleep and recovery but not so much with workouts, Oura is the better option.

Which finger is best for Oura?

For the best performance and accuracy, we recommend wearing your Oura Ring on your index finger. If you’d prefer another, the middle and ring can work as well. Avoid fingers where the base is narrower than the knuckle. The sensor bumps inside your Ring should be on the palm side of your finger.

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Can you wear Oura Ring only at night?

Can I wear my Oura Ring only at night? Yes. However, you may miss out on useful activity data that loop into your other scores, and your Oura experience may seem incomplete as a result. We recommend to all Oura Members they wear their rings 24/7 for optimal accuracy and personalization.

Can you wash your hands wearing Oura Ring?

You can wash your hands with your Oura ring on since it is water-resistant. This stands up to approximately 330 ft of water in temperatures from 14?F to 129?F. However, you should not wear it while scuba diving or keep it underwater for over 12 hours. You can also safely use hand sanitizer with the Oura ring.

Does Oura Ring vibrate?

It doesn’t beep, or blink, or vibrate. I just wear it — sleeping, showering, all the time. Occasionally, I check the Oura app on my phone. It says: Here’s your readiness score.

Can I give my old Oura Ring to someone else?

Yes, you can give your old Oura Ring to someone else. To do so you will need to Factory Reset the ring before they can pair it with a new device.

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