How do you treat an eye infection in rabbits?

What does it mean when a rabbit's eyes are red?


How do you treat an eye infection in rabbits?

Antibiotic eye drops to treat kill any bacteria. Artificial tears to keep the eyes moist while they heal. Anti-inflammatory pain relief if their eyes are very sore or inflamed. Regularly bathing your rabbit’s eyes to remove discharge.

Are rabbit eye infections fatal?

The most severe of these viral infections is myxomatosis. This virus causes conjunctivitis, as well as head and genital swelling. Fortunately, rabbits can be vaccinated against myxomatosis, as it is usually fatal. A rabbit parasite called Encephalitozoon cuniculi can cause conjunctivitis.

What does an infected bunny eye look like?

Your rabbits’ eyes can be vulnerable to bacterial infections. Common infections include conjunctivitis – also called ‘pink eye’ – where the eyes look red and sore with fluid around the rim. For this, your vet will prescribe antibiotic cream or drops.


What is wrong with my rabbit’s eye?

Conjunctivitis. This condition is basically a bacterial infection of the pink flesh surrounding the eye, called the conjunctiva. Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis usually occurs when the rabbit is exposed to dirty water or lives in poor conditions like a filthy cage.

How can I treat eye infection at home?

Salt water. Salt water, or saline, is one of the most effective home remedies for eye infections. Saline is similar to teardrops, which is your eye’s way of naturally cleansing itself. Salt also has antimicrobial properties.

How can I clean my rabbits eyes?

Gently place the moist cloth on your pet’s eye. Make sure that you don’t apply any pressure, just gently dab the eye so that the water can weaken the substance a little. After a few seconds, gently wipe the closed eye once or twice, again without applying any pressure.

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Can you put human eye drops in rabbits eyes?

The eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and putting anything into an eye may cause discomfort. However, eye drops and ointments are designed for use in the eye and any discomfort will be slight. Your rabbit may blink a lot or have a ‘watery eye’ for a few moments after you have put the drops in.

Why is my rabbit’s eye closed?

Rabbit Eye Ulcers It could be a small spot or could cover the entire eye. Ulcers are very painful. Your rabbit may be holding its eye shut or be scratching the eye with its paw. These are signs that the eye is painful or irritating to your rabbit.

Why is my rabbit’s eye swollen?

Causes. If your rabbit has red/swollen/inflamed eyes, they could be suffering from one of the following conditions: Dental disease – dental disease is a common cause of eye problems in rabbits because their teeth grow so closely to their eyes. An eye infection – commonly known as conjunctivitis.

Why is my rabbit losing fur around his eye?

Lots of Causes behind the Bald Patch around the Eyes of your Rabbit. Often it is due to moderate conjunctivitis and inflammation of the areas around eyes. Infection may or may not be the cause of this. Any trauma to eyes or an injury would also present similar symptoms.

Why is white stuff coming out of my rabbits eye?

The initial signs of myxomatosis is conjunctivitis, or what’s known as ‘sleepy eye’. A rabbit’s eyes, mouth, nose and genital area become noticeably swollen and puffy. Their eyes will begin to display milky white discharge. Over the next few days the rabbit will become lethargic and completely blind.

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What antibiotic eye drops are best?

As best as we can determine, the four best drugs to combat acute bacterial infection in adults are: bacitracin/polymyxin B/neomycin; tobramycin; 0.6% besifloxacin; and 1.5% levofloxacin.


How does salt water cure an eye infection?

Moreover, the potent antimicrobial property of saltwater is beneficial in treating eye infections. Mix 1 teaspoon of salt in half a litre of cooled boiled water, dip a cotton swab and wipe your eyes from the corner end to your nose and discard swab away. Repeat this several times, until the eye irritation settles.

Can I buy eye drops for conjunctivitis over the counter?

Chloramphenicol. Chloramphenicol is usually the first choice of antibiotic and comes in the form of eye drops. It’s available without a prescription from pharmacies to treat bacterial conjunctivitis.

What are the signs of an eye infection?

Pain in the eye. A feeling that something is in the eye (foreign body sensation). Increased sensitivity to light (photophobia). Yellow, green, bloody, or watery discharge from the eye. Increasing redness of the eye or eyelids. A grey or white sore on the coloured part of the eye (iris).

Can you use salt water on rabbits eyes?

You should not need to flush your bunny’s eyes, as a healthy bunny should not have a discharge from his eye. If you think there is a lot of dust that is bothering your rabbit and you want to remove that you can gently flush the eyes with some 0.9% saline solution available from your pharmacy.

Should you clean rabbits eyes?

They are naturally clean animals. They’ll take care of their eye health as part of their grooming routine. You should clean a rabbit’s eyes every time you see eye discharge.

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What eye drops can be used for rabbits?

If your rabbit is found to have an infection, your veterinarian will suggest an antibiotic to treat the infection and symptoms. There are some medications that may be used which are chloramphenicol, ciprofloxacin, or gentamicin. A saline solution may be used to wash his eyes as well.

Why can’t rabbits open their eyes?

“This can be due to opportunistic infections by bacteria or trauma to the eye, i.e., scratches or bite wounds,” she says. “The rabbits may keep the affected eyes partially or fully closed and the eyes may have sticky discharge, swollen eyelids or appear red.”

Can rabbits get mites from hay?

There are two main ways that your rabbit can contract mites: from hay, or from an infected animal. Many owners state that you should freeze the hay that you buy for 72 hours, then leave it to defrost for a few days before serving it to your rabbits.

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