How do you get a Siamese rat?

How do you get a Siamese rat?


How do you get a Siamese rat?

BREEDING FOR THE SIAMESE TYPE To start with, Siamese is only paired with the self-color gene, ‘a’: if you combine it with the dominant ‘agouti’ gene, ‘A’, you will not get a Siamese. So, no matter what you have, if the first locus has the agouti gene, ‘A’, you won’t have Siamese, just a washed-out agouti color.

What is a marked Siamese rat?

A marked Siamese just means it has other markings, i.e. hooded, capped, Berkshire, etcMarked Siamese will not have points where their markings (white) are. So they may end up with only some points – usually just the nose and none on their butt or feet or they can have no points and appear all white even.

What is a Husky rat?

The husky rat, also known as a Roan rat, is a domestic fancy rat that has been bred for a grey and white fur pattern that closely resembles that of the husky dog. They make fun, social, intelligent, and active pets.

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Are Siamese rats common?

Siamese rats are fairly popular and rather flashy, so when you have a good one, it usually does well on the show bench. Unfortunately, there have not been many good ones around in recent years. Some breeders however, have been working hard on them, and there are a few really nice ones beginning to appear.

Do Siamese rats change color?

When Siamese rats molt for the first time at 6–8 weeks you will see the brown baby coat change to the light beigey color of the adult. Ten to twelve weeks is the next most notable molt for some colors of rats. With Siamese, the males will have the better color and will get darker as they get older.

What is a Rex rat?

Also referred to as “Sphinx” or “nude” rats, these bald cuties come in a variety of breeds, including the Double Rex rat. The Double Rex is the most common type of hairless rat. Completely hairless, these adorable critters have short, curly whiskers and may come with small patches of fur on their ankles or face.


What is a satin rat?

Satin rats are distinguished by their curled/wavy whiskers, darker/deeper looking color, and shinier/finer/longer coats. As newborns, you can tell the Satins by their whiskers that are wavy/curled and lay more against the head vs. Standards that have straight whiskers that stick out from the head.

What is a Berkshire rat?

BERKSHIRE – Berkshire rats may be shown in any recognized color. The top color is to be judged as to the recognized color. Distinctive markings are the colored top with a completely white belly and white feet and tail, with a small white spot between the ears.

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What is a Himalayan rat?

The Himalayan field rat (Rattus nitidus), sometimes known as the white-footed Indo-Chinese rat, is a species of rodent in the family Muridae.

What is the friendliest pet rat?

Many believe Dumbo rats to be friendlier than other types of rats. (Dumbo rats’ ears are on the sides of their head rather than on top—similar to Walt Disney’s “Dumbo the Elephant”.) Burmese are also often considered to be very friendly.

What rat breed makes the best pet?

The Dumbo rat is the most popular variety today thanks to its namesake featured in the 2019 Disney movie, Robbins said. “A well-bred rat will be kind of like a well-bred dog,” said Chronister, who now breeds rats as a hobby and owns Dumbo rats. “They will be friendly. They will be curious.

What are the biggest pet rats?

Description. The Gambian pouched rat is native to Africa and is the world’s largest rat, reaching up to 9 pounds. The average size is 3 pounds, measuring 20-35 inches from the head to the tip of the tail. The body is gray to brown in color, with a lighter belly.


What is a pearl rat?

Genetically, Pearls are Mink (mm) (Cinnamon Pearls are also mm) rats heterozygous for the Pearl gene (Pepe). Pearl is a lethal dominant which means that rats that have two doses (that is homozygous) of Pearl, either die in utero or possibly very shortly after birth.

Do male or female rats make better pets?

Always adopt the same sex, so you don’t end up with babies. It’s always best to adopt littermates when possible. Gender: Although all rats have individual personalities, females tend to be smaller, more active, and playful, while males are often larger, more mellow, and snuggly.

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What are white rats with red eyes called?

An albino rat is a white rat with red eyes. They are smart, affectionate, social and active creatures. Albino rats make great family pets for older kids to adults. With regularly handling and lots of space they quickly become very tame and friendly.

What does a Rex rat look like?

Rex Rat Coat & Looks Most Rex rats will have some sort of wave in their coat. At the lower end of the spectrum, this could be a slight ripple, up to a corkscrew-like effect at the other end of the spectrum. The ones with thicker coats can look like tiny sheep. Rex Rats also have long, curly whiskers.

What causes rusting in rats?

Whilst rusting is a normal part of ageing it can also be down to a copper deficiency, genetic predisposition and over exposure to sunlight.

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