How do you care for a nosy panther chameleon?

How big do male panther chameleons get?


How do you care for a nosy panther chameleon?

Water is one of the most important things to consider when keeping a panther chameleon, as they love to drink and need to every day. Misting the chameleon two to three times a day will keep the humidity in the required 60 to 70 percent range and will also allow the animal a chance to drink.

Are panther chameleons friendly?

Panther chameleons have become increasingly popular pets due to their wide range of beautiful colors. Typically, chameleons are an observation only pet and typically tolerate handling poorly. Panthers have been described as rather aggressive and truly prefer to be left to their own devices.

Can panther chameleons live together?

It is advisable though that if keeping more than one chameleon in the same enclosure, they should be one male to maximum of two females. Babies can be housed together until approximately four months provided all the babies have similar body weights.


Which panther chameleon is best?

Ambilobe Panther This subspecies is the most popular type of Panther Chameleon. They are often considered to be the most beautiful color of any Chameleon. They also have all of the characteristics that make Panther popular: simple care routine, large size and easy to handle.

How often should I mist my panther chameleon?

The misiting can be done like 3 or 4 times a day for intervals of about 3-5 minutes. If you don’t mist long enough, some chameleons will not drink.

Do chameleons like to cuddle?

Avid Member. Chameleons do not like to cuddle, and do not take mid day naps… He could possibly be stressed out from randomly being wrapped in a towel, or some other health issue could be at hand.

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What is the friendliest chameleon?

Veiled Chameleon. Originating from Yemen and Saudi Arabia, veiled chameleons are one of the most popular types of chameleon and are considered a good first choice for any newbie owners. Panther Chameleon. Jackson’s Chameleon. Oustalet’s Chameleon. Flap-Necked Chameleon.

How can I tell if my chameleon is dehydrated?

Sagging Skin or Excessive Skin Folding. Dehydration will lead to large folds in the skin due to sagging. Sunken Eyes. Sunken eyes are another telltale sign a chameleon is dehydrated. Yellow to Orange Urate. Lethargy. Lack of Appetite.

Should I cover my chameleon cage at night?

Cover the Enclosure This will help to maintain temperatures while removing any outside lighting to encourage sleep.

What is toxic to chameleons?

Some of the most common plants that are toxic to chameleons are fig plants, crotons, and most types of philodendrons.

Can chameleons hear you?

Because they don’t have a great sense of hearing — and their sense of smell is quite poor, too — chameleons have to fall back on their one excellent sense: their eyesight. Chameleons’ eyes, located on the sides of their heads, can each move 180 degrees and independently from each other.

How many hours of light does a chameleon need?

They require 12 hours of exposure per day to the “UV-B” spectrum of light. This spectrum (290-320nm) can be provided by special light bulbs or natural unfiltered sunlight (which is the best source). Bulbs specifically stating that they provide 5% or more UV-B spectrum should be used while the chameleon is indoors.

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Do chameleons like being stroked?

It is possible to hold a chameleon but chameleons do not like being held and they don’t enjoy being petted either. Some can develop a tolerance for holding but they are much better suited to being left alone and observed from afar.

How do I bond with my chameleon?

Avid Member. Hand feed daily for a while if you want him to trust you. Don’t expect “bonding” – they aren’t mammals and they are territorial and somewhat solitary for the most part by nature.

What would happen if you put a chameleon on a mirror?

“Male chameleons will, in most cases, immediately change colors in response to seeing another male, and in this instance, to itself in a mirror,” says Daniel F. Hughes, a doctoral candidate in Greenbaum’s lab. (Related: “What Do Animals See in the Mirror?”).

How can I make my chameleon happy?

Keep chameleons physically and visually separate from one another. Deliver water by misting the cage twice daily and by using a drip system. Provide heat with a basking light 10-12 hours a day. Include exposure to artificial UVB lighting or natural sunlight 10-12 hours a day.

How do you calm a chameleon down?

If you really need to calm a cham down quickly in a particular situation, turn off the cage lights, cover the cage, and let it cool down. They are less reactive when their body temp drops and there is less light.

How do you know your chameleon is dying?

Some of the obvious signs that there is something wrong would be lethargy, sitting low in the cage, not eating/drinking, closed eyes, sunken eyes, edema, swollen joints, blood shot eyes etc.

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Do chameleons need water every day?

Chameleons need water at least once a day but twice is better for them. This also depends on what the climate is like where you live. If it’s a warmer climate the water you provide will dry out quicker, possibly before your chameleon has even had a chance to drink it so you need to provide it more regularly.

What can stress out a chameleon?

Lack of ventilation can predispose them to respiratory illness and the reflective nature of glass can often stress chameleons. They should be housed alone as they are typically very aggressive towards one another.

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