Do stinkpot musk turtles stink?

Do stinkpot musk turtles stink?


Do stinkpot musk turtles stink?

The species is native to southeastern Canada and much of the Eastern United States. It is also known commonly as the common musk turtle, eastern musk turtle, or stinkpot due to its ability to release a foul musky odor from scent glands on the edge of its shell, possibly to deter predation.

How big do stinkpot turtles get?

How big do Common Musk turtles get? Common Musk turtles are one of the smallest species of turtle found in North America. Males are usually larger than females and measure between 4 and 5 inches (10 to 12.5 cm). Females tend to reach around 3 to 4 inches (7.5 to 10 cm) in size.

Why do stinkpot turtles stink?

These reptiles got the name “musk turtle” because of a special adaptation they have. They have glands around the edges of their shells that release a chemical with an unpleasant odor, like musk, to deter predators.


Are musk turtles friendly?

Behavior. Common Musk Turtles are spirited little creatures. Although they can be fun to watch, they are generally not too friendly towards humans, and you should avoid handling them roughly or excessively, or they may bite you.

Can you keep musk turtles with fish?

Several species of turtles can live with fish including the red-eared slider which is a commonly kept pet turtle. Other species that can coexist with fish include the painted turtle, the mud turtle, and the musk turtle.

Can 2 musk turtles live together?

Common Musk Turtle Caging Housing two male common musk turtles in the same tank is not recommended. Keeping one male and one female in a tank may require that the two be separated if the male shows excessive interest in the female and begins to relentlessly harass her.

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How can you tell if a stinkpot turtle is male or female?

Several characteristics can be used to distinguish males from females: 1) males have patches of rough scales on the inside of the hind legs that are used to grasp the female’s carapace during mating; 2) more skin is in between the seams of the scutes on the male’s plastron; 3) the tails of males are longer, thicker, …

How fast do stinkpot turtles grow?

It depends mainly on how much you feed them, like all turtles if fed correctly they should grow quite slowly, my small one has almost doubled in size in about 10 months which is about right, the growth rate gradually slows as they get older though.

What is the meanest turtle?

The Alligator Snapping Turtle is the world’s largest freshwater turtle, and by far the most dangerous.

How big of a tank does a musk turtle need?

Most turtle hobbyists recommend keeping common musk turtles in at least a 20- to 29-gallon tank. I have used a 20-gallon long tank to keep one adult musk turtle, with a Fluval 2Plus canister submersible filter to keep things clean. I filled the aquarium to a depth of approximately 8 inches and used dechlorinated water.

What fish can live with musk turtles?

Some good suggestions for fish to live with musk turtles include: Tetras, Guppies, Angel fish, and Zebra fish.

Does a musk turtle bite hurt?

The bite of a musk turtle While quite innocuous-looking, musk turtles can deliver powerful and painful bites.


How much does a musk turtle cost?

The average Musk Turtle costs anywhere from $20 to $70, which is a low price compared to other reptiles. The main cost comes from setting up their enclosure, which requires a lot of enhancements.

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What do musk turtle eat?

They are omnivorous (e.g., seeds, insects, snails, tadpoles, algae) and will occasionally scavenge on fish carrion. This species rarely emerges to bask and is most successfully captured with nocturnal trapping techniques. Musk turtles climb surprisingly well and occasionally rest fairly high in trees.

What does a musk turtle need?

Place bogwood, rocks, ceramic plant pots and other objects in the tank for your Common Musk Turtle to investigate and hide beneath. They prefer plenty of vegetation, the use of artificial plant or live can be use; latter will require UVB lighting for growth.

Can musk turtles live with other turtles?

‘ Yes. Turtles of the same species generally live peacefully together as long as they are all adults or all juveniles. Freshwater turtles such as map turtles, musk and mud turtles, painted turtles, cooters, and sliders can all live together.

Can you put an algae eater with a turtle?

You can also add in animals that eat algae like snails and plecos. However, your turtle might eat them so you’ll have to replace them continuously.

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