Do hedgehogs need a wheel?

Do hedgehogs need a wheel


Do hedgehogs need a wheel?

A good wheel can actually improve their health, happiness, and overall well being. Hedgehogs require a wheel because they love to run and can actually run up to 12 miles at 12 MPH! But, you have to be careful when choosing a wheel. There is proof that some hedgehog exercise wheels cause injury to backs, legs, and feet.

Do hedgehogs run on hamster wheels?

Hedgehogs can run miles on their wheels when they’re awake, and there’s no denying that they love it!

Are saucer wheels good for hedgehogs?

I have two Flying Saucers but only one hedgehog that will use it. Over the years that I’ve had the Flying Saucers I have tried them with numerous hedgehogs and only found two petite gals that would use them. Both Miki and Pebbles seemed to love the flying saucer. They are very easy to clean and are silent.


What age should a hedgehog have a wheel?

Checking temperatures daily will rule out a hibernation attempt which sometimes has a symptom of weight loss rather than a full blown hibernation attempt when wobbliness also occurs. Current UK APH Club guidelines stipulate hedgehogs must not have an exercise wheel until they reach 12 weeks of age.

Why do hedgehogs poop in their wheel?

And if your hedgehog has a wheel, as they run on their wheel, they’re going to end up running through their own poop, creating ‘poop boots.’ Don’t despair though, Squeaky Clean is great for soaking and cleaning your wheel effectively but without using harsh or dangerous chemicals.

Is it OK to put a hedgehog in a hamster ball?

But is it really safe for a hedgehog to use a hamster ball? Hamster balls can be dangerous when used by a hedgehog. They have small air slits that a hedgehog’s nail or toe can get caught in which can cause painful injuries. Hedgehogs also tend to defecate and urinate while running.

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Are balls good for hedgehogs?

Many hedgehogs love to play with ping pong balls, lattice bird or cat balls, or small balls with bells inside. Make sure the balls are not sturdy and not easily chewed or damaged. Another version of the plastic ball is a ferret treat ball. As the hedgie pushes around the ball a treat will come out.

Why isn’t my hedgehog running on its wheel?

Aside from health issues, one reason a hedgehog might stop running is if they are overweight. It’s more difficult to run with added weight. And some hedgies will give up their night-time jogging routine. It’s also possible for a hedgehog to stop running out of boredom.

Are mesh wheels safe for hedgehogs?

Wire and mesh wheels are extremely dangerous and should never be used with hedgehogs. They may be tempting because droppings will fall through the holes and make for easier cleanup but these wire holes are actually a major risk for hedgehogs.

Should you give hedgehogs a bath?

Most hedgehogs will need a bath even less than once per month. Hedgehogs become most dirty by stepping in their droppings, so to avoid extra baths, make sure to clean their cage regularly, around once a week or less if required.

How do you play with a hedgehog?

Don’t attempt to touch your hedgie but instead allow it to get to know you on its own terms. Place your hand several inches away from your hedgehog and allow it to come up to your hands and smell you. Your hedgehog is relaxed when its quills are laid down and it is moving about without flinching every time you move.

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How often should you change a hedgehogs bedding?

If you should change the bedding weekly depends on how much bedding you use in the cage and how accurately you do the daily spot cleaning. So for some, it would be ok to change after about 10 days, while others have to do it after 7 days. For the change itself, it is important that you remove all the old bedding.


Are hedgehogs potty trained?

Litter box training hedgehogs is very similar to cats. You may be able to observe certain clues that your hedgehog is getting ready to potty. As soon as you see these signs you will want to hurry and put your hedgehog in the litter pan. Most hedgehogs will need to relieve themselves shortly after waking up.

Do hedgehogs bite?

However, you should try to use gloves when handling a hedgehog for your own health and safety. Hedgehogs can bite you, but very rarely will that happen. This usually happens when they are young and think your fingers are going to feed them (if they have been fed via a syringe as they had no mother).

What does it mean when a hedgehog licks you?

What does it mean if a hedgehog licks you? As we discussed above, licking is a natural behavior for hedgehogs to display and is almost always never a cause for concern. More often than not, your hedgehog is most likely licking you because it likes the taste of the salt on your skin.

How often should you bathe hedgehogs?

Once a month bathing is adequate for the average hedgehog. Some hedgehogs need baths frequently and others seldom need one. Bathing generally helps to relieve dry skin; however, bathing too frequently may contribute to dry skin.

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Can hedgehogs have chew sticks?

Your hedgehog really shouldn’t be chewing on anything. However, many hedgehogs do seem to like cat toys, especially the small balls with bells inside.

Is catnip OK for hedgehogs?

Although catnip is not known to be toxic to hedgehogs, it does not need to be introduced to the animals’ diet. A small portion of dried catnip or fresh leaves will not harm your pet, but too much could cause digestive problems and lead to diarrhea or vomiting.

Do hedgehogs like sand baths?

As with every play activity it is always wise to keep an eye out for any problem. On occasion new hedgehog owners are surprised to find that their hedgehog prefers to dust bathe in their litter pan instead of using it for its intended purpose!

Should I leave a light on for my hedgehog?

Light. Because they are nocturnal, hedgehogs do best with a consistent source of light for about 12-14 hours each day. It’s a good idea to have a light with a timer near the cage, or keep an overhead light on for the allotted time.

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