Can you buy individual Lovevery toys?

Can you buy individual Lovevery toys?


Can you buy individual Lovevery toys?

Yes, you can buy a couple handfuls of toys from Lovevery separately here on their website, as well as through their exclusive Target line here. But the toys in the play kits can only be accessed through a play kit subscription here.

Are Lovevery toys toxic?

Lovevery. Highlights: Toys are made using FSC certified Baltic Birch plywood, non-toxic water-based paints, and organic cotton. A favorite for play gyms, Lovevery also makes gorgeous toys using Baltic Birch plywood which is made without formaldehyde, non-toxic water-based paints, and organic cotton.

Is Lovevery worth the money?

Is the Lovevery subscription worth it? If you’re looking for a one-off, curated toy box to give as a gift, the Lovevery Play Kits are definitely worth the money. The quality of the toys individually makes the price reasonable, and you get the added bonus of knowing they’ve been hand-selected by experts.


Is Lovevery really Montessori?

The Lovevery play kits are based on the Montessori method, meaning that many of the toys in the kits follow some key Montessori guidelines: Emphasis on less clutter. Commitment to letting kids face challenges and struggling to develop independence and concentration. Open-ended toys that help children enjoy the real …

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Is Lovevery made in China?

The Lovevery company was founded in 2015. They are headquartered in Boise, Idaho, but products are manufactured in Ningbo, China.

How much is Lovevery a month?

Lovevery play kits are filled with age-appropriate toys for babies and toddlers. Early childhood development experts designed the kits and toys to both entertain and support learning. You can subscribe to a plan, with prices starting at $36 a month, or buy a solo kit for $80 and up.


Who manufactures Lovevery products?

It’s a huge accomplishment for a Boise startup that launched its first product for babies twelve months ago. Lovevery is the brain child of Jessica Rolph. The mother of three knows a thing or two about startups. Over a decade ago, she helped launch Happy Family, an organic baby food company.

Does Lovevery go on sale?

The Deal at Lovevery You won’t find any discounts here. You will find stage-based play essentials that are designed by experts, backed by science, and built to develop your child’s brain.

Can you add Lovevery to Babylist?

Lovevery products are only available online and can be purchased from and can be added to your Babylist registry. We also have several products available on Amazon for purchase or to add to your Amazon baby registry or wish list.

Why is it called Lovevery?

Our Story. The creation of Lovevery (pronounced ‘Love-every’) began with Jessica, Rod, and an idea. Jessica: Passionate about giving babies the best and healthiest beginning in life. As founding partner, she helped to build Happy Family into a top organic baby food company.

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Can you skip a Lovevery box?

I should note that since writing this original post, Lovevery lets you skip boxes so you don’t have to subscribe/unsubscribe. They will send you an email letting you know when the next box ships and you can opt out of it through the “Manage my subscriptions” tab.

Are Montessori toys worth it?

Montessori Toys for Two Year Olds Two-year-olds now have the ability to not only walk but run too! They are picking up on little more complex ideas and strategies than they were when they were one. Montessori toys are geared toward helping little children learn about the environment around them.


What is the toy of the year 2021?

2021. Fisher-Price #ThankYouHeroes Line (Mattel, Inc.) LEGO Super Mario Character Packs (LEGO Systems, Inc.) LEGO Star Wars The Razor Crest (LEGO Systems, Inc.)

What is the number 1 toy in the world?

The most favorite doll around the world isn’t a surprise. Barbie, which is one of the most beloved toys in the world, was searched more than any other doll in 68 countries. Second place went to Funko Pop toys.

Is Lovevery organic?

Made with 100% organic cotton and 200 gsm poly filling. OEKO-TEX? certified: tested for 350 of regulated and unregulated harmful substances in an independent lab (certification #SH025154398) Wash before first use.

How many Lovevery kits are there?

In total, Lovevery has 18 Play Kits. Aimed at specific ages, each box is designed for stage-based play that helps the brain develop.

Where is Lovevery based?

Lovevery’s headquarters are located in Boise, Idaho; the company also maintains offices in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. For more information, visit and follow on

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