Are silkie chickens good pet?

Are silkies good pet chickens?


Are silkie chickens good pet?

Silkies are also known for their calm, friendly temperament, which makes them exceptionally great pets for homes that have children. In fact, silkies can be quite affectionate if owners take the time to handle them often.

Do silkie chickens like to be held?

Silkies are gentle, kind birds who love company and adore being held and fussed over.

Are silkie chickens good for beginners?

Thanks to their fluffy feathers and docile behavior, silkies are a great starter bird for anyone looking to begin their own backyard flock. Silkies generally require smaller coops than other chickens. They still need plenty of food and water, however.


How long does a silkie chicken live for?

A standard silkie chicken will generally live between 7-9 years, however this does all depend on the care given to them. Some Silkies have been known to live longer, so give them a little extra TLC and you’ll have their love for many years to come!

Do Silkies get picked on?

Yes – even though they look different, Silkies are quiet flock members, and get along well with other chickens. Because they’re docile, you might find your Silkies are picked on more than your other flock members – just keep an eye out, and separate if any issues arise.

How much room does a silkie need?

Plan four square feet of run area per bantam Silkie; eight to ten square feet for heavier Silkies. Provide perches. Chickens like to roost sleeping with their feet off the ground. An old wooden ladder can work for large birds.

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Do Silkies need heat in winter?

I found out that I was wrong about the heat, but not wrong that Silkies require special winter care. Despite feathers that look like fur, and twisted feathers like those on this Bantam Frizzle Polish, these birds don’t need heat.

Can you eat eggs from silkie chickens?

Do Silkie Chickens Lay Eggs to Eat? Yes, a silkie chicken is considered a backyard chicken, and they lay white/cream-colored eggs that are safe to eat.

Are silkies aggressive?

Silkie roosters can and do crow, but they are quieter than other breeds of roosters. Their unique looks and small stature make them one of the more popular breeds for backyard chicken coops. They are also less aggressive than other breeds and are a good choice for beginners and inexperienced handlers.

Do Silkies need nesting boxes?

Do Silkie Chickens Need Nesting Boxes? Silkie chickens are just like any other breed of chicken and should to be provided with a nesting box to lay eggs in. If you don’t provide her with a nesting box, she will seek out secluded areas to lay her eggs and you may find yourself going on an egg hunt to find her eggs.

What is the best food for silkies?

Feed your silkie chickens layer crumbles rather than pellets, as pellets are sometimes too large for silkies to eat. You can feed them a mash made of bran, grated apple and carrot mixed with meat meal and a little vegetable oil once or twice a week. Toss out table scraps such as vegetables and bread for your chickens.

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Do Silkies lay a lot of eggs?

If you want a chicken that lays lots of eggs, the Silkie is not your bird. They are considered poor layers averaging 2-3 small eggs each week – around 100-120 eggs per year. However they excel in the broodiness department and are fabulous mothers (more on this later).


Can silkie chickens tolerate cold?

They will be fine in freezing temperatures (even sub zero temperatures) so long as they have access to fresh water and stay dry. Some particulars may vary breed-to-breed, for instance Silkies and frizzle-feathered chickens are less cold hardy.

What breeds can live with Silkie chickens?

As long as the other breeds won’t bully them, the Silkie Chicken will do well living with other chickens. Breeds you could consider keeping with them include the Cochin and the Polish chicken.

At what age can silkies go outside?

If the temperatures outside remain above 65?F (18?C) and the chicks are at least 6 weeks old, I think it’s safe to say that they can move into the coop without supplemental heat. Most chicks can leave the safety and warmth of the brooder at 6 – 8 weeks of age.

Is my Silkie Male or female?

Streamers – silkie cockerels tend to get thin, long feathers coming from their crown. Whereas hens have nice, short, rounded feathers, you’ll find that young males have a messy looking crown a top their head with the so called ‘streamers’ sticking out the back.

Are Silkies messy?

They lack the barbicels that keep feathers in that neat, smooth appearance. The individual feathers, hence, wisp around which makes silkies look messy and furry. Silkie feathers are, therefore, similar to down, the undercoating that most poultry have.

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How big do silkie chickens get?

Silkies are fairly small, topping out at only eight to 14 inches tall. Males reach weights up to four pounds, while females tip the scales at only about three pounds. The American Standard of Perfection calls for fully grown roosters to weigh 36 ounces and hens to weigh 32 ounces.

How do you know if a silkie is a rooster?

The greatest differences between silkie hens and roosters are their size, wattles, and crown feathers. Silkie roosters are larger than silkie hens, and they develop a wattle earlier in life that grows larger than females’ wattles, and roosters have crown feathers while hens do not.

At what age do Silkies Crow?

All Silkie roosters are capable of crowing at about 4 to 5 months old, but not all will. Silkies as young as 2 months old have been known to crow, while others have not begun crowing until nearly a year old. Unlike other breeds of chicken, Silkies are less likely to crow if you have other mature roosters on-site.

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