Are Mbu puffers aggressive?

Are Fahaka puffers good pets?


Are Mbu puffers aggressive?

Mbu Puffer Tank Mates Mbu puffer fish are considered too aggressive to keep with other fish. They’re best when living in solitude.

What fish can go with a Mbu puffer?

The best tank mates I have found for my MBU puffers have been fancy guppies, tetras, siamese algae eaters, plecos, rasboras, rainbow fish, roseline sharks, geophagus species etc.

Are Mbu puffers wild caught?

Breeding. You cannot breed the species in captivity. A home aquarium setup is simply too small and doesn’t provide enough water flow volume for reproduction to take place. For that reason, most of these fish are wild-caught or bred commercially for the aquarium market.


What size tank does a puffer fish need?

When it comes to tank size, puffer fish require a significant step up from that of a goldfish. The tank size for a small puffer fish should be 20 to 30 gallons, said Claricoates, and a large puffer fish can require a tank up to 100 gallons or more in size.

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Can puffer fish have tank mates?

Some tank mates to consider for your Pea Puffers are Neon Tetras, Kuhli Loaches, some Danios, and adult Cherry Shrimp. These tank mates should be able to get out of the way of the Pea Puffer, and also not stress out or injure them.

Can two puffer fish live together?

Puffers can live together for many years and one day you may come home to find one injured – especially if they are the same species. Another key to success is a LARGE tank (240 gallons or greater) with multiple caves and hiding spots. Best of luck.


Are puffer fish hard to keep?

In fact, the most widely traded species can be considered hardy and easy to keep. The icing on the cake is that pufferfish are very effective snail destroyers, and a tank with a pufferfish in it is a tank without snails. In short, puffers are cute, hardy, and useful fish for the home aquarium.

Can puffer fish live with bettas?

The quick answer to this question is no, Betta fish can not live with Dwarf Pufferfish. Dwarf Pufferfish are far too aggressive and will almost certainly nip at the Bettas fins.

Do puffer fish eat carrots?

Yes, pufferfish like to eat carrots. Pufferfish will usually eat anything, but if you want to move them off of their go-to food (bits of algae and crustaceans) and onto something new (carrots), be sure to use a red one!

How often should I feed my puffer fish?

Things to remember when feeding your puffer: Feed 1–2 times a day, no more than fish will eat in 1–2 minutes. Thaw frozen food before feeding.

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What algae eaters can live with puffers?

Glass shrimp are great for cleaning up uneaten food and Amanos are fantastic algae eaters, even eating tough pest algaes like black beard and staghorn algae. I would definitely keep a close eye on the shrimp, though, and move them to another tank if you see signs of pea puffer aggression.

Can you put a puffer fish with clownfish?

would be OK probably, but most of the others would be far too big. I did have a green spotted puffer and it would fit fine, but you have to acclimate them to saltwater over a matter of months. They also can be quite aggressive, though mine was the live-and-let-live type.


Do puffer fish like being pet?

Curious Pufferfish Discovers He Really, Really Likes Being Pet – The Dodo. Like The Dodo on Facebook. Follow The Dodo on Instagram. Follow The Dodo on Twitter.

Do puffer fish like to be alone?

Unlike people, Puffers do not need friends or companions for their well-being. They will not get lonely nor will they become depressed because they do not have another Puffer around.

What is the easiest puffer fish to keep?

Dwarf puffer (Carinotetraodon travancoricus & Carinotetraodon imitator) Probably the most popular and also the easiest freshwater puffer to keep are dwarf puffers (pictured above), also sometimes known as pea puffers or Malabar puffers.

What is the smartest fish?

Every family has an overachiever. For fish, that title goes to manta rays. They’re giant, charismatic and basically geniuses. Mantas have huge brains — the biggest of any fish — with especially developed areas for learning, problem solving and communicating.

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What is the most peaceful freshwater puffer fish?

If a community of fishes are selected with the pufferfish in mind, compatible species can often be found for a few of the more peaceable types such as the South American Puffer Colomesus asellus.

Can puffer fish live with guppies?

I recommend them over Fancy Guppies because they don’t have the large, wagging fins that Pea Puffers find irresistible to bite. They are also about the same size as Pea Puffers, making them perfect for a freshwater nano fish aquarium.

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