I’m a believer.

I first became aware of myself as a spiritual being at a young age. I am born third in what would (eventually) be a family of fourteen children. As you can imagine we lived in a noisy and stimulating environment.

During the day I would take myself off on picnics and make huts in a nearby dried up creek. My love of the earth, its smells and textures began developing early on. I would lie face down and feel Mother earth thrumming and humming to me.

I’m a spiritual companion, a soul coach, someone who can journey with you through the intricate paths of life. I can help you stretch and grow, explore, heal.

I have been gifted with the ability to write. I have been, and am, re writing each Rune reading to reflect a more modern spirituality with a focus on the gifts of the earth. I join many other spiritual women who believe it is our task to nurture and mind this precious planet, its creatures and peoples.

Another of my offerings is individual blessings, prayers and affirmations for any occasion or reason. Blessings for people, creatures, times……… it is one of my greatest pleasures to bring joy and comfort to people with words channeled through me, especially for you.

The tool that has been chosen for me to use are Runes. I use Runes to initiate a connection between Spirit, myself and anyone journeying with me.

My Runes have been with me for many years and have been gifted to me from Mother Earth. When I hold them and talk with people I am given insight into the paths we need to take together.

As I begin to know you I will be weaving you a metaphysical hooded cloak in colours that mirror your soul – this cloak is individual to you and can be pulled on to comfort and strengthen you, anytime, anywhere.

Together we can explore ways that modern spiritual practices can make your daily life balanced, strong and joyful.

Join me, I look forward to meeting you.

Traditional Ancient Rune names


Mannaz Gebo Inguz Wunjo Berkana Laguz Sowelu Jera

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